Webinar course materials

Webinar Course Materials


During our 5 sessions together I will be teaching you practical and effective tools from the Siramarti Personal Growth Process.


You will need to purchase your copy of the materials from the Reach Potential online store for $8.95.

Please click on the http://www.reachpotential.com.au/store/


Look for the booklet called ‘Stress Relief Techniques’ for nurses and other carers.


It looks like this: Stress relief techniques



The cost for this 31-page booklet is sererate to the webinar fee. After you make your online purchase you will receive an email which will ask you to download the file. Click to download and save it to your computer where you can print it out. You can use the digital copy directly from your computer or iPad if you prefer.


If you have any issues during this process, please contact Reach Potential by using their contact us link at the bottom of their home page and they will assist you.