Frazzled to Focused

Frazzled to Focused 

A 4 session live webinar course for nurses, midwives & care givers


Do you experience stress on a daily basis?

Do you find it hard to sleep after a busy shift?

Are you looking for quick and easy ongoing relief from the pressure you feel at work?

It is extremely common in a busy high pressure environment to experience high levels of stress. How you manage it, is the key to whether you continue to enjoy your role…. OR whether you dread turning up each day.

If you want to feel RELIEF from the pent up tension that follows you home after work AND….Are ready to make a change & discover an effective technique to dissolve it…. This 4 session LIVE, ONLINE webinar course is for you!

Heres what you will learn:

  • The scientific reasons why you are prone to emotional fatigue in a care-giver role & how negative default pathways affect your wellbeing & enjoyment in life.
  • How to release tension in just over 5 minutes using a visualisation technique, based in the science of Neuroplasticity, that re-wires the part of the brain that fires uncomfortable emotional responses.
  • Experience a soothing visualisation to let go of situational tension (stress) that you can use anytime for immediate relief (reported stress levels drop by 50%)
  • How to let go of a racing mind, rejuvenate after a busy shift & improve the ability to fall asleep easily
  • Achieve greater focus and clarity to be able to move forward from current issues
  • To love your work again by increasing your ability to self-regulate & calm yourself with a quick and easy-to-use technique

Here’s what clients say about my program:

“Before I started with Jane’s program I would become, at times overwhelmed with what I had to achieve or feel guilty in not maintaining all the relationships I wanted to. Now I know that I am enough and good enough and can embrace life with new vigour and energy” – Sharon

“I am a solo parent of 2 teens, run my own business and care for my Father who recently suffered a stroke. The personal development modalities I tried did not offer tools I could use on the spot to cope with daily stresses. Jane’s program has given me the mental space for my own self care, helped me regain control of my responses & energy levels. The techniques are easy to use, provide instant results and have enhanced my life, my family relationships AND my success in business.” – Sherwood 

During this program I am going to help you create the same 5 minute daily routine that helped me and many of my clients reclaim a passion for their work and their ability to cope with daily stresses. We will be covering techniques in detail and I will walk you through them, step by step. You will have the opportunity to learn from the comfort of your home, with my guidance and the support of like minded professionals from all around Australia who share your issues & value wellbeing.


What you will get:

  • 4 x 60-minute live teaching webinars
  • 4 CPD points ( no travel time required)
  • Access to free online material
  • Live group discussion and collaboration
  • A health care survival tool kit you will keep forever!

The Online Program is priced at $197

Early Bird $147 until September 15th 

The first webinar commences at 7.30pm on Tuesday September 24th 

Please email me if you have any questions on

With gratitude for the opportunity to support you.