“I feel so happy and blessed to be able to speak about Jane and her business Soul Clarity, as I speak through my own personal experience and thus from my heart.

I had the wonderful experience of becoming a client of Jane’s only last year when I was going through an extremely unsettling and distressing time in my life.  Timing is everything and I can honestly share with you that I knew I was ready to change, to do the work and to evolve as a person which is why and how Jane stepped into the picture to mentor and guide me though it when she did.  I believe when you tune in life brings you what you need.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jane’s professional work.  Not only is her timing impeccable but her natural ability to access the core issue, however big or small, never ceases to amaze me!!  She is empathetic and compassionate and extremely dedicated and committed to the well-being of her clients.  Her unconditional support, wisdom and guidance has been very much appreciated, and still is for that matter!

If you are on the path of self-transformation and personal effectiveness then you can take comfort in knowing that you will be safe with Jane.” January 2013

Sally Williams
TV Presenter Channel 7

“I was introduced to the Siramarti Process by Jane when looking for another way of working with our participants. I quickly found I experienced the benefits of the Process. With an open mind and a willingness to practice the simple exercises I saw my perspective of life’s challenges change for the better.” March 2014

Glenn Taylor
CEO Nursing Midwifery Health Program Victoria

“The effects the Siramarti Process – Inner Peace Series has had on me has been quiet extraordinary.

I did not think at the beginning of this process that it could change my life as much as it has.

I initially began the inner peace series for work related reasons but I have gotten much more from it, my life in general has improved on all levels.

I have definitely become a more positive person about life & the curve balls it can throw at you.  I  have learnt to turn negative situations into positive ones.  I don’t become as stressed/worried about what might or might not happen.  I have a lot more calmness & clarity in my life.

I don’t worry as much about what people think of me, I suppose I have excepted myself for who I am and realised you cant control other peoples thoughts & that it is more a problem they have within themselves.

I know exactly what I want in life & out of life now –  I know where I am going.  I will now be able do this staying focused & calm.
I believe in this process 100% & would highly recommend it.

A huge thank you to Jane Robotham, without your guidance, support & knowledge I wouldn’t be where I am today.” December 2013

Lisa Findlay
Independent Network Marketing Distributor

”The visuals have become like a best friend. What has shifted for me is now I am not doing them with an expectation in mind. Now I draw on them several times a day with a new trust that I don’t need to predict the outcome, it always pans out as it should with lots of learning and laughter on the way.Without them I would feel very incomplete.”  June 2013


” It’s like I am starting to live as the person I want to be. No more a dream….but a reality.”

Elaine Limbrick

“Jane’s approach is gentle, encouraging and without judgement.  She makes you feel completely at ease.  Working with Jane makes me realise how much I can impact my own journey, how much influence I have over things that previously I had thought out of my control.” July 2013

Melissa Cox

” I always feel amazing after a session – you are a wonderful healer and a gorgeous person to be around. Thanks for your continuing support and helping me on my journey.” February 2013

Paula Fowler

“I initially went to see Jane after a recommendation from a friend. I was needing some guidance with feelings/pressure I was having associated with my work. What I did not expect was to feel an extraordinary sense of inner peace and calmness after my first session.

I also felt emotionally overwhelmed as I came to the realisation in my first session that everything was, and would continue to be, ok.

Jane has a great sense of knowing what her clients need (without them having to say a word) and a kind and gentle nature.
Throughout the 3-phase visualisation process I was able to better control my thoughts and emotions. And as I have said the feeling of calmness and inner peace that washes over you is truly amazing.

Thank you Jane for sharing this amazing process with me. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.” December 2013

Danielle Watkins
Home-based business owner/Network Marketer