Jane Kinnear – Full Presenter Profile and Bio

Jane Kinnear is passionate about what she does – empowering people to live from a place of comfort, authenticity and personal power.

Having previously worked as a registered nurse for over thirty years, she has learnt firsthand the need to strengthen her own inner capacity so she could continue to flourish whilst working effectively alongside others in high pressure team environments.

The key to her success has been the learnt ability to take charge of emotional responses based on balancing her immediate needs with those of others around her, a skill that healthcare teams rely on.

Time and time again in today’s world, we succumb to pressure becoming emotionally and mentally rigid, working robotically instead of flexibly and sensitively. We are then trapped in our own cycle of acceptance of the status quo and all its negative limitations.

We battle at the end of the day as our health and happiness crumbles beneath a mounting load of stress, worry, frustration, disillusionment and lack of meaning. In short, we are far from living the life we deeply believe we are destined for.

By personally applying a variety of cutting edge tools and practical techniques over the past 10 years, she has successfully changed the limitations that previously prevented her from living an authentic, empowered and fulfilling life.

With warmth, humour and honesty Jane shares the very best of these skills, as a presenter of the SIRAMARTI PERSONAL GROWTH PROCESS, which deploys cutting edge brain change techniques that dissolve our old imprisoning attitudes.

Her career history as a wellness coach and RN, along with her deep desire to motivate people to invest in their abilities to change the way they respond to daily challenges, has made her the in-demand motivational speaker that we see today.

Offering a sound understanding and using her own real-life experiences, Jane enables attendees to fully grasp the concepts and equips them to apply them to their own lives immediately.