About Me



Hi I’m Jane,

I am a Motivational Speaker, Coach and Registered Nurse and Self Care for Healthcare Advocate.

I’m passionate about personal empowerment and change.  Why?  Because I have fought tooth and nail for my own happiness.  I know what it’s like to feel powerless, to have lost my spark, to feel out of control and want to do better.  I have felt the frustration of not knowing how to change what I really want, need or who I am.

I used the same tools that I share in my coaching programs to feel in charge, calm, empowered and connected.  I’ve turned off the limiting self talk, I’ve said no the the fear that wanted to stop me in my tracks and I have created a life of my own design. I still get squeezed by life, but I have an inner peace and power that keeps me walking a path aligned with my true self.

After 10 years of studying and applying techniques from The Siramarti Personal Growth Process, I now facilitate the integration of techniques in my Soul Clarity Positive Change Coaching Programs.

My mission is to help others live an empowered life that is authentic and filled with comfort, balance and meaning.

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