Welcome to Jane Robotham’s Blog – a place where the journey towards finding wellness can be shared and explored by reviewing aspects of our daily life experiences as they occur. By reading others insights we find that we are not alone, and that we all, at times struggle to maintain balance and ease. Here you are able to share insights which allow nurses, carers and busy woman to re-focus, re-balance and bring out the best in themselves.

Here are my 5 tips for Managing Overwhelm – yes it can be done!


After a wonderful 6 nights in Bali in search of the venue for my mid-year 2015 self-love retreat I felt a surge of energy – things evolved effortlessly and everything fell together with ease. I left with a clear vision of the experience I plan to bring to fruition for those who attend. Already I cannot wait to greet the group when they arrive to immerse themselves in a week of pure self-loving time out! Upon leaving Bali I was all fired up with a long list of tasks in order to turn this vision into a reality. However what goes up must come down, and recognising this as part of the ever changing cycle of life is a key part of our journey. Fast forward to 1 week after being home, with jet lag after a night flight, running 2 workshops, clients, nursing shifts on top of being a mum I now find myself feeling the familiar beginnings of OVERWHELM!!!

So what is overwhelm and why does it happen? 


The definition states: ‘to cover or bury beneath a mass of something, as floodwaters, debris or avalanche: to feel submerged!’ For me I notice I feel a bit like I am being squeezed – like there is only one of me but there are a pile of work/jobs/tasks for about 3 of me! I feel a sense of urgency and nagging anxiety that I cannot possibly get to it all and fear that things will spiral out of control and into a vortex! Pressure from this type of thinking builds causing a heavy head and foggy thinking. The body responds with fatigue and lack of motivation as the mountain begins to just feel too big!  

Does this sound familiar?

Don’t despair… 5 Tips to ride the wave of overwhelm:

  1. Get it all out and write a list of all the tasks on paper that are mounting up and assess each one’s REAL importance – what honestly has to be done today?  Write a second list with only the immediate tasks of priority and number them.
  2. Cancel all unnecessary appointments/engagements that can wait – you are more important than many of the small things we fill our day with once we really examine the list…what can you let go of for now? Prioritise what tasks are most important and allocate the time complete these tasks – and stick to it!
  3. Calm the mind and body by doing something that nurtures you every day. Our tendency is to pull away for doing the little things that are giving us to energy to keep on track – try and get outside in nature even for a few minutes. Sitting in the sun even for a short time will help centre and ground your energy and allow the body to re-group. When we are centred we work more efficiently and with greater ease instead of going round and round in circles stuck in our heads!
  4. If you are a Siramarti student use the visual Healing With The Ancients or Log Cabin to dissolve the overwhelm energy quickly.
  5. Be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up. Each time I notice I am entering a state of overwhelm I get better at learning how to prevent it. Knowing when it’s on its way means we can begin to choose to do things immediately that will lessen its affects. Know that this too will pass!

Please share in the comments below about what tips you into overwhelm?

Bio: Jane Robotham is a Registered Nurse, Nursing Wellness Educator, a Personal Growth Facilitator and a Wellness Coach. Her passion is to help others learn to develop day to day self-care where life can be calm, effective and enjoyable. Her training and skills focus on teaching simple tools which help manage stress, dissolve blocks and promote greater wellbeing. The end result is living from the heart where anything is possible! As Founder of Soul Clarity, Jane regularly runs private and public workshops for a variety of settings. Her retreats focus on finding wellness through applying the principles of self-love. You can find out more at soulclarity.com.au