Online Coaching Program

6 Month Coaching Program

Hello inspiring people,

I recently returned from Bali after holding a retreat for nine of the most amazing women. During our 6 days together I witnessed transformations beyond my greatest expectations. I felt honoured and humbled to see each individual open up to the unique tools that connected them to the power within. I celebrated being able to lovingly create the space for these women to step into their hopes and dreams for themselves. I saw and felt great courage, honesty, open hearts and open minds and it was a privilege to witness so many profound ‘aha’ moments in such a small amount of time!


This made me more acutely aware, that when I hold one day events, webinars or one-on-one sessions, what grabs my heart is the deep intention and collaborative desire from the participants; I see the same yearning over and over again from individuals who are ready to reach out and grab their future with both their hands.

For some of you, it may have been that you came across me because you were seeking the skills to be a better mum and to feel more joy in your life so that you are the shining light that radiates out to those who matter most. Or perhaps you reached out so you could learn to feel more confident or connect to the authentic power held within. For many of you, like me you were simply looking for the skills to manage the daily challenges so you can be your empowered true self, despite what comes your way.

Whatever the case, I am frequently blessed to see individuals I work with reaching for more love, more laughter, more happiness, more peace and more connection to their true potential – and finding it.

It means more to me than anything that you are able to keep using the tools you have been given, so you can continue to grow and follow your heart. I have seen many of you make a commitment to invest in yourselves during our time together, and express a desire to continue to use the tools after workshops or events.

Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, the statistics say that only 20% of the participants in a workshop or course go home and apply what they learnt. That thought breaks my heart. Because if you don’t continue to use these practices, not only will you miss the joy and inner peace available to you, you might also decide that the tools don’t work – or that there is no way for you to feel this good every day. And that isn’t true! I’m living proof of that, and I know with practice you can be living proof of that too.


So I would like to invite you to an opportunity to respectfully say ‘no!’ to the statistics and ‘yes’ to change to make sure that you continue to use the techniques by connecting regularly for the next 6 months. The aim is to keep up the momentum with plenty of fun and support along the way, with the benefits of a supportive collaborative environment, in the comfort of your own home.

Just like a young plant, your heart and soul needs water, sunshine and tender care. The most important thing to me right now is to help you so you can stay on track, hear your heart’s messages, and feel your next steps getting stronger as you fully step onto your new path.

A self-growth integration system plus 6 months of love and support on your journey.

What you will get:

  • 1 x one-on-one Integration session per month with Jane Robotham
  • 3 x 15 minute progress calls per month to celebrate your wins and trouble shoot obstacles
  • Monthly 60 minute live Q&A call per month using zoom (an easy meeting platform like Skype) 
  • Recordings if you cannot make it live
  • A hard copy of The Good Work Book – your manual for the program and beyond
  • Monthly worksheets with simple tips and exercises to keep you on track
  • Connection and collaboration with other like minded women who are also daring to dream big
  • Access to FB group for Q&A’s and support
  • Additional Integration sessions (if needed) at a reduced hourly rate)

Please email for the opportunity to discuss the program and your suitability during a free Discovery call.