Self Care for Health Care


Soul Clarity Self Care presentations and seminars provide an educational syllabus specifically developed to assist nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals in protecting themselves against common health issues associated with working in the healthcare industry.

The concepts and techniques explored in the Soul Clarity Wellbeing Seminars assist participants to prime themselves physiologically, so that they can operate comfortably in a constantly changing workplace and community environment.  As a core component of this education, participants learn to attend to their own needs via goal setting and self-care.

The wellness concepts and practical exercises taught are licensed under copyright from Soul Clarity.  The experiential brain change techniques are used under license from Spiritual Metamorphosis Pty Ltd, trading as Reach Potential and are part of the Siramarti Personal Growth Process.   This process has been developed over the past 20 years by Reach Potential and has been trialed by hundreds of individuals who have reported significant benefits.

Wellbeing programme participants will learn how to:

  • feel comfortable and at ease and enjoy work most of the time
  • have the energy and vitality to get through each shift
  • display clarity and mental focus
  • find joy and a sense of fulfillment in simple routine tasks
  • feel grounded, confident and calm
  • respond under pressure with precision and sound judgment
  • utilise tools to deal with ever-changing responses to challenges regardless of the issues that arise
  • identify and implement techniques to look after themselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • enjoy relaxed and professional relationships with patients, relatives and colleagues
  • recognise where they are heading via connecting with their authentic self, their talents and the bigger picture

Soul Clarity Wellbeing Seminars are facilitated by Jane Kinnear whose qualifications are as follows:

Registered Nurse
Director Soul Clarity, Director WellNurse
Nurse Wellbeing Educator
Accredited Siramarti Facilitator
Positive Change Coach