valuable resources to help you discover your path to every day happiness.


Wondering where to start?

The resources here are to help you begin your journey towards greater day-to-day happiness and contentment.

The Wellbeing questionnaire is FREE and a great way to get you thinking about where you are now and what areas of your life need a little attention.

The NMHP self-assessment guide is a wellness checklist offered to Nurses.

Some of the groundbreaking techniques offered to clients are from the Siramarti Personal Growth Process  The resources below are available for clients to purchase as directed when participating in the Soul Clarity Coaching Program.


NMHP Self Assessment Guide:Self-Assessment-Guide-NMHP.pdf
> Well Being Questionnaire – Wellness Coaches Australia: Wellbeing-Questionnaire-2015.docx
> Wheel of Life: Wheel-of-life-needs.pdf
> Dealing With Anger Effectively: Reach Potential pdf



Siramarti Personal Growth


Siramarti Personal Growth Process


(PG4) Making Personal Change Really Quick & Easy

Here are 7 ways to make changing negative habits and attitudes a whole lot faster and easier. Four b..


(PG3) Simple Ways to Boost your Natural Vitality

In this e-book you learn how to audit the reasons why your vitality may not be as strong as you..


(PG2) How to choose happiness

Happiness is not a lucky chance. It is the ultimate outcome of knowing how to make daily choices and..


(PG1) How to stay calm in a changing world

In a world of dramatic and unpredictable change, it is common to experience high levels of anxiety, ..


(PF01) Practical and quick stress relief strategies for nurses and other carers

Occupational stress is a main factor in burnout and health problems for nurses and other profes..

(PG5) The Worry Free Tree

Here are 3 short bedtime meditations for parents to read to their children aged 4 – 8 years. Perfect for stressed or anxious kids.

(GWB1) The Good Work Book: How to enjoy your job & make it spiritually fulfilling

Totally stressed out at work? Your job is boring, but you don’t know how to change it? Want a job that makes your heart sing or one that makes a difference?