The WellNurse Program

We facilitate a tailor-made program for nurses and carers to help improve your ability to deal with the day to day challenges nurses face.

Hi and welcome to our WellNurse Program!

My name is Jane Robotham, I am a registered nurse, Positive Change Facilitator, Nursing Wellness Educator and Wellness Coach. I draw on my extensive nursing experience and present techniques to overcome common everyday problems that nurses and carers face.

After 30 years of working alongside other nurses I came to realise that as experts at caring for others we are not good at caring for ourselves!  I felt disheartened myself at times when I felt powerless to do anything about the circumstances I found myself facing each day as I turned up for a busy shift.

Do you notice yourself over giving, becoming frustrated and feeling dis-empowered?

Do you suffer from fatigue, anxiety or stress after a busy shift?

Are you escaping from discomforts in ways that don’t support your well-being in the long term?

What if things didn’t have to be this way?

Wouldn’t you like to?

  • Offer the best ‘you’ possible each and every day
  • Learn to look after yourself as well as looking after others at the same time
  • Stay calm amidst daily challenges
  • Reduce stress, worry and fatigue
  • Conduct tasks with mental clarity
  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Improve your vitality
  • Feel comfortable attending to your own needs
  • Work alongside others with ease

It sounds too good to be true? The truth is it is 100% possible. What’s the catch you asking? It takes making a choice to embark on change and being open to learning new ways of doing things.

WellNurse offers tailor made program for nurses and carers to help improve your ability to deal with the day to day challenges nurses face. The aim is to empower you to find greater enjoyment and energy in all facets of life, including your work. This program will be of interest to you if you are currently working as a registered nurse, a midwife, an endorsed nurse or a carer in either the acute or aged care sectors. Presentations, half or one day courses are available for public or private nursing and health care organisations.

The WellNurse Program incorporates a variety of practical tools based in the principles of Neuroplasticity. One such process, the SIRAMARTI PERSONAL GROWTH PROCESS teaches participants how to consciously change those responses to life that are not for your highest good – such as anxiety, worry, burn-out, lack of confidence self-judgement and poor self-esteem. It allows you to replace these responses with the ability to stay calm, centred and self-caring through changing the way your brain responds to problems. The basic techniques are effective because they change the mindset in those who are genuinely willing to change their responses through reprogramming the neural pathways that fire the negativities. It is possible to learn to stay calm, centred and self-caring whilst caring for others!


Jane delivered an introductory workshop which led to a 4 week program for our Staff health and wellbeing program. The participants found the program very useful and effective in decreasing their negative patterns using the simple techniques that Jane shared with them. Jane is a pleasure to work with and an inspiring facilitator. September 24, 2014.

Kate Gillan
Chief Executive Officer at Lorne Hospital

“I was introduced to the Siramarti Process by Jane when looking for another way of working with our participants. I quickly found I experienced the benefits of the Process. With an open mind and a willingness to practice the simple exercises I saw my perspective of life’s challenges change for the better.” March 5, 2014.

Glenn Taylor
CEO at Nursing & Midwifery Health Program, Victoria