Everyday Happiness For Busy People

A one day event

Date: March 5th 2016
Venue: Melbourne City
Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm


Hi Jane (89 of 100) there,

I know you are here because like me, you want the best version of you to be the one who walks with you every day. You hope to make a difference and add value to the world just by being you.

At times in our busy world it is so easy to become reactive to the challenges of daily life, and respond in ways that limit ongoing feelings of happiness and contentment. I used to become frazzled, react poorly in the moment, and feel exhausted at the effort it took to manage the challenges in my busy day. As a result I had very little energy left to give to my career, myself or my precious family. Thankfully I’ve changed all that now!

I’d love it if you could look deep within as you read this, and be really honest, and ask yourself… are you really, truly, happy inside? Do you like your day to day life and where it’s heading? I’m asking you to do this because I have done it myself. I believe it’s important to give yourself a moment to connect with your inner desire for the life you want for yourself, because you deserve it.

Now as you read this I’d love it if you could imagine what if…

• You could connect quickly and easily every day with your empowered self
• You had the tools to dissolve the discomforts that hold you back from being at your best
• You could have daily happiness and contentment despite challenges that happen around you

Now take a deep breath and ask yourself…

• How would that feel for you?
• How would that change your life?
• How would it affect the life of others around you?

For me it changed things in a way I never knew was possible…

In this one day event, you will be given the tools to begin to create a life of greater happiness and inner contentment. This type of happiness is not a series of random moments or events that lift you out of discomfort, but rather a state of being that underpins the whole of you: you mind, your body, your emotions and your spirit.

Learn enjoyable and effective techniques, some of which are from the from the The Siramarti Personal Growth Process (TM) and are based in the power of Neuroplasticity. This will allow you to improve how your brain automatically responds to the challenges you face you so that you can develop much more easily those qualities that are the ingredients of happiness: serenity, contentment, the ability to love and to be loved, and a sense of pleasure and achievement in life.

You will leave at the end of the day with:

  • A clear vision to help you connect with your future self
  • An understanding of why happiness is easily eroded whilst living in a busy world
  • Powerful techniques to help you dissolve discomforts that limit your ability to feel happy
  • An enjoyable and effective routine to let things go at the end of the day
  • Clear steps to assist you to take charge and manage daily challenges so you can experience greater happiness and inner contentment everyday
  • A life changing experience alongside other like minded people who are also passionate about positive change

Join us for a day of learning… Ten years on I am still learning to walk my talk as a business owner, wife, mum, and home maker all at the same time! Yet amidst all this I am now able to sleep well knowing I am happy with who I am and the qualities I offer the world each and every day.

As I write here from my desk, (with teenage kids on school holidays mucking around in the next room!) I ask you to dream big, believe in what’s possible for you, fight for your best self and listen to the part of you that knows there is more.

Join us and invest in the part of you that want’s life to be easier, happier and more fulfilling.

I look forward to meeting you on the day!


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